Triton Alloys

Appolo 200 AMPS

We have all type of welding equipment both Inverter base and Transformer(Conventional Type) viz. ARC, TIG(Argon), MIG(Co2), DC Rectifier, TIG AC/DC, profile Cutting, Saw( Submerged Arc Welding), CNC,Couging, Spot, Butt, Projection, Seam etc..

Technical Specification

S.No. Parameters/Model Appolo
AMPS 200
1 Rated Input Voltage IP 220V
2 Voltage range 160V-260V
3 Rated Input Current 39A
4 Rated Input Capacity 8.7 KVA
5 No-load Voltage 70V
6 Rated Output Current/Voltage 200A/27.2V
7 Output Current Range 20-200A
8 Rated Duty Cycle 200A/60%
9 Efficiency(n) 0.85
10 Insulation Class H
11 Protection Class IP21S
12 Weight 5Kg