Triton Alloys

Metro 450A AMPS

We have all type of welding equipment both Inverter base and Transformer(Conventional Type) viz. ARC, TIG(Argon), MIG(Co2), DC Rectifier, TIG AC/DC, profile Cutting, Saw( Submerged Arc Welding), CNC,Couging, Spot, Butt, Projection, Seam etc..

Technical Specification

Transformer Regulator Type Current Control
S.No. Parameters/Model Metro
1 Supply Voltage 380-440 VAC
2 Phase 3
3 Frequency 50Hz
4 Current Range(AMPS) 60-450
5 Open Circuit Voltage 80 VAC
6 Insulation Class F
7 Type of Regulation Stepless
8 Max. Welding Current 450 Amps
9 Max. Electrode Size 4.0 mm
10 Dimension(Inches, Approx.) 16.5x24x28
11 Weight (Kg. Approx.) 160