Triton Alloys

TIG / ARGON Welding Machine

AC / DC Attachments
H.F.Unit: Gas flow control through Solenoid value for economy in consumption of costly Argon gas. Automatic H.F. Cut off after arc ignition during D.C. Tig Welding. Water circulatory unit fitted for water cooled torches.

D.C. Supressor Unit: Specially designed bank of capacitors to supress the D.C. component while A.C. Tig Welding of Aluminium for better stability of arc.

Specially designed AC/DC TIG Welding machine can weld S.S, Copper, Brass(in DC mode) & Aluminium (in AC mode). It provides superior x-ray quality welding with stability of arc throughout the entire range. Its durability gives increased versality with better utilization.

Technical Specification

Model H.F.Unit Supressor Unit
Input Supply 220 VAC A.C.Power Source with OCV-80-100 V For Aluminium Welding
Phase Single -
Frequency 50 HZ
Weight (KG) 13 Kg
Cooling Air/Water
Dimension(Approx) 19x12x13
S.No. - 400 Amps 600 Amps
1. Supply Voltage 380-440 VAC 380-440 VAC
2. Phase 2 2
3. Frequency 50 HZ. 50 HZ.
4. Cooling Fan Cooled Forced Air Forced Air
5. Insulation Class 'H' 'H'
6. Max. Welding Current 400 Amps 600 Amps
8. Open Circuit Voltage 80-90 VDC 80-95 VDC
9. Current Control Stepless Stepless
10. Max. Electrode Size 4.0mm 4.0mm / 6.3 mm
11. Weight(Approx.) 250 Kg. 250 Kg.
12. Dimension(Approx.) 34x26x42 34x26x42